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Printed plastic shopping bags are a practical product with a variety of specifications, parameters and functions. The following is a detailed description of its specifications and features:

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Company Name Dongguan Chenghua Industrial Co.,Ltd

located in Building 49, No. 32, Yucai Road, Hengli Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.

Functions Biodegradable/Compostable/Recyclable/Ecofriendly
Material PE/PO/PP/OPP/PPE/EVA/PVC, Etc, Accept Custom
Main Products Zipper Bag/Ziplock Bag/Food Bag/Garbage Bag/Shopping Bag
Logo Print Ability offset printing/gravure printing/support 10 colors more...
Size Accept custom for customer needs
Advantage Source Factory/ ISO9001,ISO14001,SGS,FDA,ROHS,GRS/10 Years Experience


The specifications of printed plastic shopping bags are diverse to meet the needs of different users. Common sizes include small, medium, and large, corresponding to different capacities and weight capacities. In terms of material, it is usually made of durable materials such as HDPE (low-pressure film) to ensure the strength and durability of the shopping bag. In terms of color, printed plastic shopping bags have a variety of options such as transparent and porcelain white, and the printing method can be screen printing, and the printing color can be 1 color or 2 colors on one side to meet personalized needs.

Function description

Protect the goods: Printed plastic shopping bags can effectively protect the goods, isolate the items from other factors in the outside world, prevent water flow, impurities and other pollution items, so as to ensure the quality and form of the goods.

Portability: Shopping bags are often designed with handles or straps that make it easy for users to carry and handle, making the shopping process easier and more convenient.

Advertising: Printed plastic shopping bags are often used as a carrier for advertising, by printing corporate logos, product information, etc. on shopping bags, etc., to improve brand awareness and corporate image, and achieve the effect of advertising.

Environmental protection and energy saving: With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more printed plastic shopping bags have begun to be made of environmentally friendly materials, such as degradable plastics, to reduce pollution and damage to the environment.

In conclusion, printed plastic shopping bags, as a practical product, play an important role in people's daily life. Its diverse specifications and rich functions enable it to meet the needs of different users and bring convenience and comfort to people's shopping and life


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