Factory LDPE ziplock plastic pill bags custom medicine pill poly packaging bags dispensing pill envelope

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This medical medicine bag can be made into a transparent style bar or a white film style bar. It has good sealing, extrusion resistance and toughness, durable. It can also be customized into writable styles for easy recording of information

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Introducing a multi-functional and practical medical kit! This innovative product is designed for all your medical storage needs. Whether you prefer a clear style bar or a white film style bar, we've got you covered. The pouch has an excellent sealing ability to keep your medications safely stored preventing any leakage or contamination. In addition, its superior crush resistance and toughness guarantee the protection of your valuable pharmaceuticals.

But that's not all! Our medical drug bags are incredibly durable, making them a long-lasting solution for organizing and storing medications. The high-quality materials used in its construction ensure that it will stand the test of time and remain intact even under the most challenging conditions.

What sets our products apart is their customizable features. Our bag easily converts into a writeable format, allowing you to conveniently record important information. With this handy feature, you can keep track of medication doses, expiration dates, or any other relevant details. This not only simplifies your medication management, but also improves safety and accuracy.

Whether you are a healthcare professional, pharmacist, or an individual who needs a reliable medication storage solution, our medical pouches are the perfect choice. Its exceptional versatility, sealing ability and durability make it an indispensable tool in any medical environment. Plus, its customizable features add convenience and utility that no other product on the market can offer.

In conclusion, our medical drug bags are the ultimate solution for organizing and storing medications. Its excellent sealing, extrusion resistance and toughness keep your pharmaceuticals safe and secure. With its customizable and writable functions, you can easily record important information to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of medication management. Choose medical kits for convenience, durability and utility.


Item name Factory LDPE ziplock plastic pill bags custom medicine pill poly packaging bags dispensing pill envelope


4 x 8cm including zipper ,accept customized
Thickness Thickness:80microns/layer ,accept customized
Material Made of 100% new LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene)
Features Water proof,BPA fee,food grade,moisture proof, airtight,organizing, storing, keeping fresh,strong toughness,strong sealing
MOQ 30000 PCS depends on the size and printing
LOGO Available
Color Any color available 



In today's fast-paced world, having a well-equipped medicine bag is essential for every individual. The versatile nature of the medicine bag allows us to carry essential healthcare items wherever we go. Its applications extend beyond just personal use, finding their place in sickrooms, laboratories, and pharmacies as well. Let's delve into the multiple functions a medicine bag can serve in these settings.

Sickrooms: Medicine bags are invaluable. These rooms, where patients receive medical attention, require essential supplies to ensure their health and comfort. A well-stocked medicine bag can hold medications, bandages, and other wound care materials. By having these items stored in a single place, healthcare professionals can easily access what they need during emergencies or routine check-ups.

Laboratories: Laboratories heavily rely on medicine bags for the safety of their personnel. Laboratories handle various biological tests, experiments, and research projects that may involve hazardous substances. A medicine bag can be filled with personal protective equipment like gloves, masks, and goggles, ensuring the well-being of lab technicians. Additionally, these bags can also hold medications that may be required in case of accidental exposure to harmful substances.

Pharmacies, where medications are dispensed, can also benefit from the use of medicine bags. Pharmacists can keep a selection of commonly prescribed home medicines in their bags, ready for immediate dispensing. This saves time and increases efficiency as they can assist customers promptly without having to retrieve medications from multiple locations. Furthermore, having a designated medicine bag for each pharmacist helps maintain the integrity and hygiene of the medicines, preventing cross-contamination.

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